Australians are some of the toughest, most rugged, hard as nails blokes you’ll ever encounter.  Australia’s hunters are even more so! Whether they’re hunting buffalo in croc infested swamps, stalking deer in the snow (yes it does snow Down Under), or tracking bush pigs across some of the harshest terrain on earth, they want reliable ammunition. Only Australian Outback fits the bill.

300 Blackout

Like all Australian Munitions propellants, the powder used in our 300BLK cartridges features Ballistic Temperature Independence (BTI); a unique major advantage ensuring consistent pressure and velocity – whatever the weather. Used in our factory loaded 300BLK, it is also extremely clean burning, keeping your AR style weapon’s action cleaner for longer.
Australian Munitions’ 300BLK is a versatile round offering four projectiles from a zippy 125gr hunting round up to a subsonic 220gr match round.