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Robert shared his feedback on how much he loved our Australian Outback ammunition and provided photos of his two groups. He was able to achieve a group size of under 1 inch at 100 metres.

The first photo captures a 3 round group using .308 WIN 165gr Sierra GameKing. This ammunition is fantastic for hunting and is a favourite for game such as deer.

The second photo captures a 10 round group using .223 REM 55gr Sierra BlitzKing, which is perfect for varminting.

“I’ve tried many different brands and varying price ranges and nothing compares to Australian Outback ammunition. Absolutely love this stuff and the fact its Australian made and owned.”

Thank you Robert for sharing your experience and for supporting our Australian made products. If you would like to share your story please use the contact form on our Australian Outback website

Community News

Lance from the United States reached out to the Australian Outback technical team in 2017 to enquire about barrel lengths for .223 REM 55gr Sierra BlitzKing after reading outstanding accuracy reviews.

He received technical advice from the team and touched base in May this year to share his experience. After reading the positive reviews Lance bought a case of Australian Outback .223 REM 55gr Sierra BlitzKing which assisted in achieving the ultimate outcome.

It is likely the most accurate ammo my Colt will ever see, or deserve. I have managed a 1.5” 10 shot group average with a mil spec A4 barrel and upper.

Your ammunition can make even issue quality gun owners proud and cut group sizes significantly by reducing strays.

Thank you Lance for sharing your experience and for supporting our Australian made products. If you would like to share your story please use the contact form on our Australian Outback website.

Community News

Thank you Paul for writing to us and sharing your experience. We love hearing from our ADI and Australian Outback community.

Paul captured a photo of a 3 shot group 223 Remington using ADI powders and Sierra BlitzKing projectiles at 100 metres.

Using ADI Word Class Powders (Benchmark 8208) and ADI unprimed brass Paul was able to achieve a group size of 0.240 inches. This is the same 55gr Sierra BlitzKing projectile we load in our sub-MOA Australian Outback factory ammunition.

I use ADI powders and components in all my rifle bar one load in my 300WSM. This is a great result for a hunting rifle.

Thanks again Paul. We appreciate you supporting our Aussie made products.

If you would like to share your experience please use the contact form.

Update on the New Modernised Propellant Manufacturing Facility

Australian Munitions is excited to introduce the first of our new single based flake Australian Pistol Shotgun (APS) propellants. It has been manufactured from the new Mulwala propellant facility for use in the civilian market – ADI World Class Powders APS350 and APS450.

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308 and 223 Back in Stock!

ADI is excited to announce that our very own Australian Outback is back in production at our factory and will be appearing back out in gun shops around Australia. This ammo will be distributed by OSA, and should be flowing out to your local dealership over the next month or two.

To find out where your closest Australian Outback stockist is please click here. If your local stockist doesn’t have any in stock we recommend asking them to put your order on back order to ensure it is included in their next delivery.

Ballistic Temperature Independence (BTI)

Balistic Temperature Independence (BTI)
Our guys in white coats have developed a new line of ammunition that leaves your barrel at the same high velocity at extreme temperature ranges. No matter if it’s scorching hot or freezing cold, Australian Outback ammunition delivers consistent extreme high velocity and ultra-reliability you demand in all shooting circumstances. For the technically minded, it’s called Ballistic Temperature Independence (BTI). But all you really need to know is Australian Outback ammunition will never let you down.