Community News

Lance from the United States reached out to the Australian Outback technical team in 2017 to enquire about barrel lengths for .223 REM 55gr Sierra BlitzKing after reading outstanding accuracy reviews.

He received technical advice from the team and touched base in May this year to share his experience. After reading the positive reviews Lance bought a case of Australian Outback .223 REM 55gr Sierra BlitzKing which assisted in achieving the ultimate outcome.

It is likely the most accurate ammo my Colt will ever see, or deserve. I have managed a 1.5” 10 shot group average with a mil spec A4 barrel and upper.

Your ammunition can make even issue quality gun owners proud and cut group sizes significantly by reducing strays.

Thank you Lance for sharing your experience and for supporting our Australian made products. If you would like to share your story please use the contact form on our Australian Outback website.